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Paul Scholes’ incisive and sharp Paul Pogba remarks find their mark

Paul Scholes released a massive sonar blast in the direction of Paul Pogba in the wake of Manchester United’s colossally humilitiaing 5-0 trouncing at the hands of their most bitter rivals Liverpool at the Theater of Dreams last Sunday, which was hardly the day of benedictions for the old faithful of Old Trafford. Apparently, his brutal, lacerated comments have apparently hit the target spot on.

The Red Devils were thoroughly humiliated by their bitter traditional rivals from Anfield in the Premier League last Sunday in front of an anxious home crowd at Old Trafford but the thunderous dark clouds that accompanied Liverpool to the Theater of Dreams rained heaps on the United parade. And former World Cup winner Pogba’s crude behavior, self-centeredness and total lack of etiquette on the pitch certainly didn’t help matters after having been brought on as a second-half substitute. Within a mere 15 minutes of his appearance on the pitch, the self-flagellating midfielder was flashed a red card for a horror tackle on Naby Keita to further exacerbate his side’s dilemma. And he was actually caught flashing an arrogant, disdainful smile on his face immediately after having been shown the red flag.

GQ report that the United star had earlier been specifically instructed not to do anything ‘stupid’ before he stupidly in careless dalliance and abandonment lost the ball that nonetheless led to the fifth goal for Jurgen Klopp’s side – before being sent off subsequently for his lunging a two-footed tackle on Naby Keita.

Scholes during his insightful and unsparing analysis of the game for Premier League Productions , tore into the midfielder, claimed that he had been “disrespectful” to his teammates, questioning whether he would/should wear the United shirt again under manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The legendary ex-United playmaker lamented: “Paul Pogba coming on to the pitch at half-time to try and help the team and maybe get a little respectability about it, tries to stand on the ball, tries to show how strong he is in the middle of the pitch… gives the goal away.

“Then later on gets sent off with a ridiculous tackle. Now you’re 5-0 down with 10 men.

“You’d have to think, if Ole’s still a manager there, will we see Pogba again in a United shirt?”

Although it is undeniable that the France international’s does possess quality in some key areas, his equally undismissable sense of self-preservation and selfishness are further compounded by the lack of clarity on his own future, made even worse by persistent comments from his controversial agent Mino Raiola off the pitch, alongside the midfielder’s inconsistent performances on it.

The 28-year-old is now in the final year of his contract with the club and Scholes has seemingly had enough of the proceedings enveloping the player.

“He’s caused mayhem over the last couple of years,” the player-turned-pundit stated.

“Everyone knows what a talent he is, everybody trusts him, every manager trusts him, tried to give him his head and let him be the player he’s been.

“But with all the commotion, not signing his contract, almost holding the club to ransom. Then he comes on and does something like that.

“It’s not Ole’s fault, don’t get me wrong. But that’s part of it which almost summed the United performance up today,” Scholes admitted before drawing back on his previous question.

“Look, he probably will play [again] won’t he? But I don’t think they will be missing anything if he doesn’t.

“He’s had numerous chances, he keeps saying he lacks consistency, but that is just [a lack of] discipline and disrespect for your manager and your team-mates, what he’s done today.”

It’s always so heartwarming and augurs well for the well-being and future of this great game when the true heroes and legends of yesteryear speak candidly, without fear or favor, even as today’s representatives of the sport as pundits providing their helpful insights into the nuances of the sport.

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia