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3 reasons why Mourinho could be sacked

According to Express Sport, Tottenham currently have three reasons to sack Jose Mourinho although Daniel Levy – unlike trigger-happy Roman Abramovich – doesn’t seem to be pulling the trigger just yet with Spurs in contention for three trophies.

Here’s a look at the three reasons why Levy should contemplate axing the 58-year-old, regardless of all he’s achieved throughout his managerial career at Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Porto.

Tottenham are a club who need attacking football, a realisation that helped make Mauricio Pochettino so popular throughout his tenure at the club, especially with the Argentine’s gung-ho style seeing the club scale huge heights.

However the same can’t be said of Mourinho, as things have been on a recent downward slide especially since Harry Kane’s injury.

Although Tottenham kicked off impressively at the start of the season, winning matches in flamboyant style with Kane and Son-Heung Min both striking up a remarkable partnership, they have since have regressed into a turgid team to watch ever since the England captain’s injury.

The team were flat against Chelsea apart from the final 10 minutes when Mourinho was finally forced to unleash the shackles. They had less of the ball compared to their opponents and also created less chances, 7 compared to Chelsea’s 16.

Mourinho was hired because he’s a winner. And Tottenham also have some of the best players in the top flight. But the conservative football strategies and tactics his teams have utilised over the years are now beginning to look outdated.

Mourinho’s combative approach is what makes him such a fascinating figure but while the 58-year-old can charm the socks off anyone, his methods can be questionable.

This period, Mourinho doesn’t seem to be rapturously enthused with his current crop of Tottenham players – Dele Alli and Gareth Bale in particular.

Yet in his disfavour, in owner Daniel Levy’s eyes, both players are huge assets. Case in point was when Levy was smug when Mourinho informed him last season that Manchester United liked Alli, that Sir Alex Ferguson himself was a huge admirer of the player.

Yet the Tottenham boss has barely played the England international this season. In fact, after the Chelsea defeat, he even aimed a dig at the playmaker by saying Spurs ‘hadn’t had a good Alli’ this season.

In the case of Gareth Bale, a player Levy always dreamed of re-signing following his move to Real Madrid in 2013, the story runs along similar lines. The Wales international has only too noticeably been barely deployed, despite Harry Kane being out of action due to injuries.

Considering Levy’s heavy investments into the pair, both emotionally and financially, it would not altogether well nigh impossible to see the owner taking action where Mourinho is concerned for his apparent disinterest in the two players.

Although looking to the past to predict the future isn’t the best way to read the oracles, yet history does suggest that Mourinho is already showing signs of beginning to unravel at Tottenham, just like he did at Chelsea and Manchester United previously.

At Chelsea, he was never able to overcome not getting the players he’d wanted. The same issue prevailed at United, with Mourinho being sacked after taking numerous shots at Ed Woodward for his failure to sign Harry Maguire.

Although the Portuguese has yet to to kick up too much of a fuss at Tottenham, the warning signs are already flashing ominously.

For one, his comments about Spurs ‘hadn’t had a good Alli’ this season were just typical of the sarcasm the outspoken 58-year-old has been known for.

And his decision not to answer a question on Bale suggests his patience is beginning to wear dangerously thin. ‘You don’t deserve an answer’ was his curt retort when questioned about the Welsh international.

Tottenham, for now at least, are still backing Mourinho.

Levy is unlikely to pull the trigger while there’s silverware to be won, with the club set to face Manchester City in the Carabao Cup final in April.

But the reasons to sack the ‘Anointed one’ are starting to stack up. And only time will tell as to whether his anointing can turn the situation around.

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia