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Thai League Fans Allowed in Stadiums for September Resumption

Thai League fans will be allowed back into stadiums for the competition’s resumption in September, according to the recent confirmation given by Thailand’s COVID-19 administration center.

According to this report by SiamSport, Thailand’s COVID-19 Situation Administration Center (ศูนย์บริหารสถานการณ์โควิด-19 or ศบค) has confirmed that football fans will be allowed to return to stadiums when the league resumes on September 12th.

This comes as encouraging news for football supporters who have eagerly been anticipating the return of Thai football since it was postponed in March due to the pandemic. This latest update will also delight clubs, many of whom will need revenue from ticket gates to make up for the losses incurred during the extended break.

However, fans will only be allowed back into stadiums under strict social distancing guidelines, which are currently being worked on by the COVID-19 Center and the Thai FA.

Currently, it appears that “one in four fans,” or 25% of the stadium’s capacity, will currently be allowed in as confirmed by the Thai FA.

Furthermore, the Thai League has also released the fixture list for the league resumption, up until the 28th of October, when the contract with their current television provider finishes.