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Liga 2 Goalie Arrested on Drug Charges

Krishna Sadhana

Football Tribe SEA Editor


With the near-future of Indonesian football mired in uncertainty thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, shocking news emerged out from Liga 2 side PS Hizbul Wathan Sidoarjo (PSHW). Their goalkeeper, Choirun Nasirin, was arrested by the police last Sunday in the city of Sidoarjo, East Java. Nasirin was arrested alongside former Persela Lamongan player Eko Susan Indarto, former referee Dedi A Manik, and Novin Ardian, Manik’s chauffeur. The four were arrested on drug charges, with a total of 5 kilograms of methamphetamine being seized from the four men.

The meth was produced from a homemade laboratory in Semarang, Central Java, which the authorities quickly seized. Manik was in charge of the production of the meth, while Choirun and Eko were in charge of distribution. When interrogated by authorities, Choirun revealed that he started his illicit activities after the 2020 Liga 2 season was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, having purchased meth from Manik twice. And while his second purchase was seized by the police, Choirun’s first purchase had most likely been distributed throughout customers all over East Java.

In response to Choirun’s arrest, PSHW wasted no time in acting accordingly. The club’s CEO, Dhimam Abror Jurai, announced on Monday that PSHW are canceling Choirun’s contract with the club – effectively sacking the goalkeeper, who had represented the likes of PSMS Medan, Perseru Serui, and Persegres Gresik United in his career.

“Choirun’s one of the more senior players that we’ve recruited for the season alongside Juan Revi and Taufik Kasrun,” said Dhimam, “He was our starting goalkeeper in our opening day defeat at Persijap Jepara. We’ve checked with the Sidoarjo police and the East Java Narcotics Bureau, and the person that was arrested by them on Sunday is indeed our goalkeeper Choirun. With that in mind, we’ve cancelled Chiorun’s contract with us with immediate effect.”

Dhimam also added that with the stringent selection policy that PSHW has implemented for their players, the club felt that Choirun’s case had struck a massive blow on PSHW’s reputation as a religious football club. Formed by the Islamic organization Muhammadiyah, PSHW players are required to uphold the organization’s values. Players signing for PSHW underwent a strict selection process consisting of technical, physical, psychological, physical, and narcotics examinations, all that Choirun passed with flying colors during his signing.

“According to the East Java Narcotics Bureau, Choirun was arrested due to his role as a dealer. It’s possible that despite dealing meth he was not using it, that’s why nothing was detected during his narcotics exam,” said Dhimam.

Vowing to reinforce his club’s selection process, Dhimam revealed that Choirun has accepted his sacking from PSHW and the disgraced goalkeeper has already apologized to the club’s higher-ups.

Under Indonesian law, Choirun face a minimum of 5 years in prison for his crime, which bears the maximum penalty of 20 years to life behind bars.