UEFA to Focus on Domestic Leagues, Potentially Postpone Euro 2020

UEFA is being urged to prioritize domestic competitions in the wake of the coronavirus, with pressure growing for Euro 2020 to be postponed.

As a result of the spread of the coronavirus, top-flight football across Europe has ground to a halt, with national and continental club competitions being suspended or postponed.

The 24-team Euro 2020 tournament, scheduled to be held in 12 countries from June 12-July 12, could be pushed back a year which would create a longer window for national leagues to finish their seasons.

The focus on completing domestic competitions reflects a concern that clubs throughout Europe will lose significant ticket and associated match-day revenue by not completing the season while still having to pay player salaries.

Euro 2020 already faces the problem that the remaining qualifying playoffs for the tournament, with 16 nations battling for four places, are scheduled for March 26 and 31. FIFA has recommended that all international games in that period be postponed.

Several of the teams involved in those games have already asked for postponements and the matches would not be viable without club co-operation. UEFA is expected to take a decision on or before Tuesday’s meeting.