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Pahang Holding on to Second Place, Perak Face Off With Kedah

Aiman Nazirmuddin

Football Tribe Malaysia


Pahang’s team is determined to continue their winning run when visiting Terengganu FC (TFC) in the Super League tomorrow.

Assistant Coach of Pahang, Ahmad Shaharuddin Rosdi, asked for the squad to maintain their position in second place in the Super League.

“I hope all players play well and record a win over TFC. The wins over Kuala Lumpur (2-0) and PKNS FC (3-2) need to be continued,” he said.

In today match, Ahmad wants the attacking machine to do better in search of goals. He added that, although all goals in the two matches before this were scored by midfielders and defenders, the cooperation of all the players was vital to strengthening the troop.

“For me, when the defender is able to score, it is a positive sign for a team that does not rely heavily on the attacking [players]. However, the cooperation of players from all positions can add to the strength of the team,” he said.

After defeating Selangor, 3-2, Perak FA coach Mehmed Durakovic stated his intention to not think about the FA Cup final, and instead to focus on winning all the remaining Super League game.

“We want to win every game and for now, I do not want to think about the FA Cup matches now. We take the ‘one game at one time’ approach because we have some injured players,” he said.

Perak will meet Kedah on Saturday and both teams will be looking for three points to secure a place in top three.