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Malaysia 0-0 Thailand – The View From Malaysia

A rampant Malaysia were held to a 0-0 draw against Thailand at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Football Tribe Malaysia’s Aiman Nazirmuddin discusses takeaways from a historic night that nearly was for the Harimau Malaya.

Wasted Opportunities

Malaysia played well in the semi-finals against Thailand on Saturday. They were consistently focused and shoed an excellent fighting spirit. However, they failed to take advantage of the opportunity to score. There are several opportunities that should be completed easily.

Syahmi Safari

This 20-year-old boy has shown a dramatic improvement in every game. Diligently helping teammates in attacking, and fast to come back when the defensive side needed him. Malaysia's young players have shown a high motivation to win. Hopefully he will remain consistent for the second leg.


Harimau Malaya has shown an improvement in their game when they started attacking from the first minute. Tan Cheng Hoe seems to have improved his players' weaknesses. The defensive line looked more comfortable and focused. The midfielders were calm in controlling the ball. And, despite their misses, the team's forwards deserve credit for making so many chances. Hopefully they can stay consistent, focus and have a motivation to win.

High Fighting Spirit

This current group of national players are seen to have very high motivation. Every player works hard to get a goal and help the team. They not only fight for themselves, but for the country and fans as well.

80,000 Fans

Over 80,000 national football fans go down to the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil to support the country's squad. They cheered from the first minute. They give motivation and strength to the players. Hopefully in the match at Rajamangala later, the same motivation can be felt by the players.