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Guangzhou Evergrande fine staff over bizarre jersey incident

Guangzhou Evergrande known for their dominance in Chinese Super League. With all the money they have, the club could bring in football superstars around the world. However, it seems that they could not hire a better kitman.

In the AFC Champions League Round 16 first leg match against Tianjin Quanjian, one embarrassing moment involving their kitman happened. Evergrande’s center back, Zhang Linpeng, stained with blood and the referee asked him to change his number five jersey.

Unfortunately, their kitman couldn’t find time to bring in another jersey for Linpeng. They decided to give Linpeng Zhang Wenzhao’s number 15 shirt, with yellow tape covering his name and the figure 1.

Apparently, the referee accepted this bizarre shirt solution although Zhang changed into the correct shirt a few minutes later. However, Evergrande’s board thought the solution is highly unprofessional and their kitman “has made a major mistake”.

Consequently, the club stated in their official site, that they have fined the kitman for an unprofessional behavior that can damage the club’s brand.

The match itself didn’t end very well for Evergrande. They were held 0-0 by Tianjin Quanjian, which means they need to win the second leg at home.