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Ex-Deltras Sidoarjo attacker Djamel Leeflang joins Perseru Serui

One of Indonesia Liga 1 club, Perseru Serui, has added one more player before the campaign starts. They recruited Dutch midfielder Djamel Leeflang from Lija Athletic F.C.

Djamel Leeflang’s natural position is attacking midfielder, but he could also play as a striker. The 25-year-old footballer has a high technique and his vision is also a top notch. He could score from close or long range too.

Leeflang is not a new name in Indonesian league. He was once a Deltras Sidoarjo’s player in the 2011-12 season. His stats when he was with The Lobster is not that bad. He scored 14 goals and eight assists from 23 appearances.

He is happy to be back to Indonesia. Indonesia is the first country where Leeflang started his first career outside Netherland. “I already met with other players and the staff. Their warm welcome made me happy.

Trebol Sports International and the agent, Basya Himawan, asked me whether I want to go back to Indonesia or not. Of course, I said yes. This is the place where I started a career outside Netherland. I learned how to bear the expectation as a foreign player here.”

After played for Deltras, Leeflang went on the journey to some countries. One of them was Maladewa, where he helped his ex-team, New Radian Sports Club, became the champion.

“After I left Deltras, I always follow the development of Indonesian football. Football in Indonesia has been progressed and it could become one of the top league in Asia. Just take a look how much fans come to the stadium.”

Leeflang sets his target with Perseru. He hopes that he could make Perseru wins every single game. “My first target is, of course, to make Perseru wins games. Besides that, I hope that I could score at least 10 goals and create 10 assists. I want to show my skills to Perseru fans.”

So far, Perseru looks promising. They can withstand strong opposition like Barito Putera. Leeflang will add more power to Perseru.