Guangzhou Evergrande close to the CSL title after a Shanghai Shenhua win

Guangzhou Evergrande have taken a big step to the Chinese Super League (CSL) crown with a 3-0 win over Shanghai Shenhua in the 23rd round of the matches on Saturday.

Meanwhile, their strongest title contenders Shanghai SIPG suffered from a lost to Guizhou Hengfeng 2-1 on the same day.

Returning to the Guangzhou-based club last month, Luiz Muriqui scored a brace in the first half to put the defending champions in the lead.

Six minutes from time, Ricardo Goulart secured the win for Evergrande as he slammed the ball into the left corner before the goalkeeper could even touch it.

After the crucial away win, Evergrande have amassed 53 points, with eight points ahead of the runners-up Shanghai SIPG.