Asian Players in Europe

Five best Asian players in Europe in the 2016-17 season

By Niloufar Momeni

For a second year, we follow every Asian football player in the Europe.

From Japan, South Korea and North Korea and China, all the way to Iran, Jordan, and Uzbekistan, Asian players have moved to the European continent to advance their football career. Out of these players, many play in second-division leagues of Europe, or smaller European leagues such as Poland, Greece, and Austria which are not considered among the elite.

At Football Tribe Asia, we rank the best ones who currently play in top-flight leagues in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Russia and Portugal as per UEFA Coefficient ranking.

The followings are top 5 Asian players in the elite football leagues of Europe based on performance and ratings in the 2016-2017 season.

(Players’ ranking includes considerations such as the number of goals scored, assists, their Pass Accuracy Ratio % and their rating*).

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