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Rajevac’s vision for Thailand national team revealed

Milovan Rajevac has been chosen as coach of the Thai national team due to his vision and determination, Thai FA officials revealed.

Rajevac signed a one-year contract with an option to extend for another year and he will start working on 5 May, according to the FAT.

“The association spent almost one month looking for a coach, with capable coaches from around the world expressing interest,” the FAT said in a statement.

“Milovan Rajevac has been chosen after consideration for his ‘plan and working philosophy, readiness for work as well as his staff’.”

Rajevac, 63, earned international recognition after guiding Ghana to an unlikely quarter-final spot at the 2010 World Cup.

He was available after leaving his previous job as Algeria coach last year after just two games.

“We selected him because of his vision and his familiarity with Asian football. His staff members look more capable than those of other candidates,” FAT technical chief Witthaya Laohakul told a press conference, as quoted by Bangkok Post.

“He sees our strong and weak points. He, as well as another candidate, went to watch Thai League matches at the stadium before we appointed him. This shows his determination.”

“He sees the national team’s problems. He knows that our players like attacking but do not like defending. When we lose possession our defenders don’t know what to do. These are technical problems and we also see it the same way. He will be able to fix our team’s weak points.”

“His playing style is not only about winning but also exciting. That is what we want. You would be surprised by certain players he picks for the national team. He told me that he has seen several fine players who have never received call-ups to the national team,” the FAT concluded.