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Thierry Bin offers thoughts on Thai League 2 and Cambodian league

After deciding to leave Phnom Penh Crown to join Krabi FC of Thailand, Thierry Chantha Bin said the level of football in Cambodian league and Thailand’s second-tier league did not differ much.

Thierry Bin said there are many similarities in the training techniques and tactics, but the Thai League 2 has more severe discipline.

“The first three months, I got a lot of experience, I learned from football because it is different from the two regions, but not by much. The experience was good, yes!”

“Every day I learn from them, as a number of players who have a good experience, I tried to follow them,” he said.

The national team’s captain added that he would seek additional training and make the most out of the learning environment in Thailand.

Thierry Bin also expressed his desire to stay and contribute to the national team under the leadership of the new Brazilian head coach Leonardo Vitorino.

Thierry Chantha Bin is a new signing at Krabi FC, having joined from former Cambodian champion Phnom Penh Crown on a three-year contract.