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Fujieda manager Oishi praises Vathanaka after first practice

Chan Vathanaka’s arrival is a potential game-changer for Fujieda MYFC, manager Atsuto Oishi told reporters on Wednesday following the Cambodian player’s first training session with the club.

The 23-year-old, who arrived in Japan earlier this week, made it halfway through the practice but impressed the manager with his work ethic.

Oishi also commented on how he expects his new striker to participate in the team’s attack in a post-training Q&A with local media:

–How did Vathanaka cope with today’s training?

He’s still tired from the travel but he did each exercise well and I’m looking forward to (his improvement).

–What are the qualities that impressed you most about Vathanaka when you signed him, and what makes you think he has a chance to succeed in J3?

He’s got a tremendous nose for the goal as well as very good movement near the penalty area. He’s also got a fantastic left foot on set pieces. I think he’s capable of scoring goals, and if he creates opportunities he’ll do very well in the J3.

–Vathanaka can play as a striker or as attacking midfielder; what are your expectations of him for this season?

I want to see him score goals. The game is about attacking and defending, and obviously I expect him to participate to the attack but I also hope he’ll pick up on the Japanese style of defending and contribute his abilities there.

–Do you think that Vathanaka’s arrival improves the club’s chance of winning the J3 title or gaining promotion to J2?

I think his arrival will attract more people to come watch us and motivate the players, which will help us win more games.