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Kyle Walker almost joined Bayern Munich to escape the scandals engulfing him

Manchester City captain and England international Kyle Walker has been splashed across the front pages in recent weeks after his affair with TV personality Lauryn Goodman, with whom he had two children, caught up with him and the news went public.

Walker admitted he actually attempted to leave City for Bayern Munich just to escape the scandals revolving around his personal life.

Apologising in an interview with The Sun to his wife, Annie, with whom he has three children, and is expecting a fourth, he said: “What I’ve done is horrible and I take full responsibility.

“I made idiot choices and idiot decisions. I can’t begin to think or imagine what Annie is going through. I’ve tried to ask her but there’s pain and hurt.”

Caught inextricably in the throes of a scandal threatening to spiral totally out of contril in his personal life, he verbally agreed a £15million move to Bayern Munich from Man City in July to join his Three Lions teammate Harry Kane in the Bundesliga.

He added: “I tried to escape. Did I want to leave City? No, of course I didn’t. We’re the best team in the world at the minute.

“But it was a chance to get away from England and the media I was going to get.

“I was aware the clock was ticking. I came very close to moving. We were having conversations. I was going to a great club, a massive club. But in the end I couldn’t go.

“If I’m in Germany and this happens, Annie leaves and I’m now in Germany on my own.

“My kids wouldn’t be around the corner where I can see them.

“There’s pain and emotion at the moment but I can go to the house, take the kids to school, and my little lad to football.”

The 33-year-old was mindful to praise both his club and national coaches for their understanding.

“[Pep Guardiola] didn’t know what was happening,” he explained. “I didn’t want to tell him because I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t mentally there. I can’t thank him enough for the understanding and belief he’s shown in me through four years.”

And despite not delving into detail on his conversation with England boss Gareth Southgate, he added: “For your national team manager to reach out in a time of need goes beyond football.”