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The Newcastle juggernaut is already fired up but Jamie Carragher’s reality check is timely

Ever since the public announcement by Amanda Staveley that the deal to take over Newcastle United had been officially completed, talk has centered around what’s next on the agenda for the Magpies.

As expected, the grapevine is abuzz with questions regarding the present and future situations of the overnight wealthiest football club in the world, ranging from topics like ‘Will Steve Bruce see out the week?’ to ‘How much money will the richest club in the world have to spend in the transfer market?’

Of course, it is not difficult to understand the excitement amongst the locals considering the agony they’ve had to put up with under the previous regime set in place by former owner Mike Ashley. Having had no choices but to take absolute crap from an owner who clearly wasn’t interested in investing in the future of the club and then to suddenly have to pre-empt the boundless plans of a new one with the largest pot of gold in the world certainly launched the new universe of the Toon Army into dream mode big time.

However, things are not going to happen overnight, as The Telegraph’s Jamie Carragher has clearly attempted to show by injecting a stinging dose of harsh reality in saying he’d be amazed if the Magpies were to win the Premier League title before 2030.

Harsh as his statement initially appears to be, there is of course truth in his blunt assertion that just throwing money at a club isn’t going to guarantee success. Not to mention also that Newcastle, having been a former English top-flight giant in deep slumber for far too long, have a plethora of issues to put right before they can realize their dreams of siting proudly atop the division again.

The training ground, Academy and other facilities have also been in gross neglect under Ashley’s watch, so any starry-eyed supporters expecting a quick fix and ‘Hey, presto!’ cure to all of Newcastle’s ills will be in for a massive disappointment.