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Pedri winning friends inside the Barcelona dressing room due to his humility and ability

Pedri, probably the brightest spark in what’s been a tempestuous Barcelona season has turned in performances belying his tender age, emerging as the next great hope in the Barcelona midfield and swiftly becoming a favourite of coach Ronald Koeman.

The youngster plays the game like a chess prodigy, according to Mundo Deportivo, mastering technical movements while still moving with cunning and opportunism.

Hailing from the Canary Islands, young Pedri has been almost perfect in his role, adeptly covering gaps left open by his other teammates while breaking forward when it is warranted.

All this was evident in his last-ditch challenge on Real Sociedad’s Alexander Isak on Wednesday evening, an effort that saw him clatter smack into the post.

Tireless and ever willing in training, Pedri has garnered many admirers within the Barcelona first team.

“He has zero nonsense [about him],” a source within the dressing room has said.

Barcelona certainly can continue to expect great things of Pedri as even the great Lionel Messi himself has embraced him as one of his own, a status that very few footballers can claim to have attained.

A locker room veteran with 30 years experience at Barcelona has likened Pedri to another all-time Barca great, Andres Iniesta, and has remarked that everyone who works alongside him are amazed by his maturity.

Pedri and Ronald Araujo have within a short period won friends in the dressing room due to their humility, dedication and mental strength. This, coupled with an evident technical ability and rare vision, has stood the former especially in good stead indeed.