English Bundesliga

Real Madrid tipped to move for world class striker shining at international level

Erling Haaland hasn’t shown signs that he’s looking to leave Borussia Dortmund anytime soon.

But he could soon as there’s always been a feeling that his stay in Germany will merely serve as a pit stop on his way to something much bigger.

Having proven beyond any doubts that he’s an elite striker, continually thriving every time he steps up a notch, it’s easy to see him making a beeline for Real Madrid and tearing it all up.

Mundo Deportivo took another look at that prospect again today, suggesting that the move could be likely after Haaland linked up superbly with Martin Odegaard for Norway in their recent international match.

The young Norwegian’s first goal came after the Real Madrid playmaker took the defence out with a fantastic through ball, and the report confirms that Real Madrid are very interested in making the international link-up happen at club level too.

The link may not be all that wild a supposition due to Karim Benzema getting on in age and this means Real are obviously going to need a new striker at some point in the next couple of years to prepare for the time when Benzema hangs up his boots.

It might also be in Real’s interests to keep Odegaard in the team so he continues to talk up the club to Haaland when they are on international duty, and it’s a story that will probably gain more traction in a summer or two.