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Uploading TikTok video after defeat, this club terminates player’s contract

TikTok is undeniably one of the most popular app in the world right now, and even footballers enjoy it, but what happened if a player use it in a wrong place and at the wrong time?

In Malaysia, Akhyar Rashid is widely known for his excessive use of social media and were reprimanded by JDT several times since the club deemed his behavior as unacceptable, making a fool of himself and tarnishing the club’s image as a whole.

Well, Mirko Antonucci has the same problem. He joined Portuguese club, Vitoria de Setubal on loan from Roma in January this year.

Last week, Vitoria lost 3-1 to Boavista in Portuguese league.

But the 21-year-old did the most inappropriate thing as he posted a video on TikTok shortly after the defeat which showed him dancing and smiling.

Antonucci issued a public apology and vow to quit social media, but that wasn’t enough to save his time at the club.

“This message is to say that I’m fully aware of the mistakes I made,” Antonucci said on Instagram.

“I would like to apologise to those that felt offended: fans, club, coach and teammates. I’m going to quit social media and from now on, you are only going to see me sweat with the Vitoria Setubal jersey until the last drop. Go Vitoria!”


Vitoria manager Julio Velazquez believes a footballer needs to be responsible with their actions.

“We no longer count on the player, above all out of respect for the fans and the history of the club and for all those who work on a daily basis to represent this team with the greatest responsibility and dignity.

“For what this badge represents, for the history of the club and out of respect for the fans, a Vitoria player must be one 24 hours a day.

“The situation is very simple; the club, the management, technical team and staff understood that the behaviour of a player who was on loan was not what we wanted of a Vitoria player, nor what the fans deserve, on and off the pitch.”

Antonucci returned to AS Roma after scoring only once in six appearances.