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Find out how ‘strange’ a person Jurgen Klopp is – by his own admission!

The Deutscheland’s Bundesliga became the first major European league to resume its season after the coronavirus brought the game to a standstill over two months ago and Liverpool’s much-loved manager extraordinare, Jurgen Klopp admitttedly loved seeing football making a comeback in his homeland last weekend despite all games being played behind closed doors.

For the Liverpool maestro boss it was an immense relief to see the sport he loves at least back on his TV screen – and he made the surprising revelation that he is already no stranger to football without fans because he likes to watch without the sound on anyway.

“Look, I love it,” he told the Liverpool official website.

“In this part I’m a strange person; when I watch football – other games, not our games – I watch them most of the time without sound because I don’t want to hear the commentary, I’m just interested in the game.

“So now for me it’s completely normal to watch other football games. I love the game, I’m interested in what they do and stuff like this.”

And this is as good as it gets without any fuss and fanfare from the prized horse’s mouth.

Much of the negative vibes surrounding the Bundesliga’s return centred around the absence of in-stadium supporters, with many ultra-type groups raising a ruckus against its resumption behind closed doors.

But the imperturbable Klopp sees little point in debating the issue, especially with fans facing potentially a year before they can attend games again.

He added: “I know, football behind closed doors, of course it’s not the same. Why do we have to mention it?

“We all love it when we have contact, when we get cheered up by the people, when they push us through the yards and all that stuff. We love that but we cannot have it.

“Why would you think always about something you cannot have in the moment? Use the thing you have in the moment.”

Now, there’s a lot to wax lyrical about someone like good old Klopp who’s conclusively proven his credentials beyond any doubts whatsoever and is currently being held in regard as probably the manager with the most savvy in the world.

Practical, pragmatic and someone with the astuteness to see the glass as always being half full instead of half empty.

There’s much most of footballs other managers and players can learn from a straight-forward and fully appreciative Class-A dude like that.