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Premier League star jetted to Paris, hired a restaurant, held a sex party and romped with a model in a lift

An unnamed Premier League star has taken the cake so far on pandemic lockdown violations by flying out to Paris to host a sex party. He is said to have ingested alcoholic shots and cocktails with models after hiring a restaurant before continuing the celebrations at a flat nearby – where he is claimed to have had sex with at least one girl, according to the Sun.

How’s that for a middle finger right in your face?

A group of around 15 was in attendance savoring the elegance and ambience of the plush restaurant, in close proximity to the Champs  Elysées, where staff served drinks to guests. Like the UK, France has strict lockdown protocols during the coronavirus pandemic and forbids gatherings.

It was also alleged that a drug dealer attended the party back at the flat, where the star was claimed to have engaged in a romp with a girl in the lift.

A source told the Sun that the player in question had arranged for taxis to ferry the female guests to the restaurant.

‘They were whisked to the restaurant, which he had hired privately complete with waiters — strictly against French government lockdown rules.

‘There were about 15 guests. They were served tequila and Jack Daniel’s and it was all very raucous.

‘Most of the group then went to a hired apartment where the party continued and things got out of control.’

The report adds that the player, who is now back in training with his club ahead of a possible restart of the league season, could now be facing a probe in France.