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LaLiga need Asia in order to be a truly global brand

Chairman’s Office Director of Real Valladolid, David Espinar believes LaLiga need Asia more than ever, in order to boost popularity and becoming a global brand.

The Spanish league is 90 years old this year but the league is trying to appeal the Asian fans, who are perhaps more exposed and familiar to the Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A.

“Valladolid itself is an old club but slowly over the last year and half we have been moving towards being a global brand, as well as after Ronaldo being a part of the club.

“That is why we are passionate about LaLiga’s efforts to help push clubs and it’s initiative in Asia.”

The LaLiga SEA-Japan, South Korea and Australia managing director Ivan Codina believes that they will continue to expand initiative in Asia and other markets.

LaLiga, the top flight in Spanish league, is currently the eighth biggest brand in Spain, according to a report by Brand Finance which values the league at €487 million (US$548 million).

However the value of participating league clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid has made LaLiga’s overall value jumps to €4 billion (US$4.5 billion).

The new 2019 report marks the first time a sports league has appeared in Brand Finance’s top ten, highlighting the continued growth of LaLiga.