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Neymar’s former agent: “Neymar and Messi will play together at Barcelona”

Just bring up the topic of highly-decorated footballing duos and, at the drop of a hat, names that would immediately spring to mind would be the likes of Andres Iniesta – Xavi, Toni Kroos – Luka Modric, Thierry Henry – Dennis Bergkamp, among several others.

Although not a popular common concept in contemporary football unlike what it once was, the scintillating Lionel Messi and Neymar combo revolutionized all that when the dynamic duo mesmerized all and sundry in the football world when they played together at Barcelona, razzling and dazzling with their chemistry.

Then came Neymar’s departure to Paris Saint-Germain and the Messi-Neymar partnership was prematurely terminated, although rumors have been constantly circling, linking the talented Brazilian striker with a return to Barcelona. Year after year, Barça seemed to have fallen short of the number PSG had apparently demanded for Neymar’s release. The tide shifted over the last ten months or so, with Messi linked to a move to the French capital, especially after Neymar openly admitted that his biggest desire was to play with Messi.

Those rumors however seem to have dissipated of late since the day Joan Laporta won the elections to become Barcelona president, but no one seems to be the wiser about Neymar’s situation in France than his ex-agent Andre Cury – the man often called Neymar’s other father.

Speaking to El Litoral, Cury said, “Two years ago, Neymar formally asked me to return to Barcelona. We tried and we were really close to getting him out of Paris, but due to details it did not happen.”

He continued to speak about the situation, saying, “Laporta is the only one who can put them back together. Messi is not going to leave Barcelona. He decided that his story should be in Barcelona and I am very clear about that. Neymar will play with Messi again, yes, but it will be in Barcelona.”

These statements from Cury sound like a real curveball in this equation between Messi and Neymar. Neymar has just one year left on his contract with PSG, and could possibly come at a discounted rate, but his humongous salary makes him nearly unaffordable for the club. Moreover, it seems clear that Laporta has clear plans about the upcoming summer transfer market, with the idea to bring in a handful of free agents, and hopefully Erling Haaland.

Credit: Football Tribe Malaysia