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TRIBE TALK: Charyl Chappuis, Thailand and Muangthong United Star

Credit – Muangthong United Official

You said in an interview with Muangthong that you had a difficult start to the season and that your family and friends helped a lot. 

Like I said, I have never had this situation since I started playing football. I always played, I was always a main part of the team. When I started in Buriram it was like this, but then the injury hit. 

On loan at Suphanburi, again, everything was around me. Then I came to Muangthong and for the first six months, it was the same again because Sarach was injured and I played the main role in the midfield. 

Then, 2018 was a very difficult year because we didn’t have a preseason. We only played games – we had the Leo Cup, the AFC Champions League – and then a week before the season started three of the best players left – Theerathon, Kawin, and Teerasil. That’s why I think 2018 was an up-and-down season but in the end, I think we did alright for what we had. This year, I think we did it to ourselves. I think our coach [Pairoj] was not good enough for the standard at Muangthong. He’s doing pretty well now at Sukhothai, but [at] Muangthong, where so many people talk – it’s not easy. 

But, Muangthong is [the best] when you are winning. I even have to say this because I was in Buriram, and I now know both of the top teams in Thailand. 

This year, I needed [my family] because it was really hard, it is something new, and I am not the kind of player who likes to sit, I get angry and frustrated. 


On that point, when you were at Suphanburi, you were sort of ‘the guy.’ Now you’ve moved to Muangthong, where you have guys like Teerasil, Theerathon, Sarach…other guys who are heroes. What was the change like for you? 

Well, I know all of them from the National Team, we had a great three-four years where we played almost every game together so we have a good relationship. 

For me, I don’t want to be ‘the guy.’ This is what you have to understand. I am a team player. I don’t need to be ‘the guy’ or whatever. I want to be part of the team, I want to play my style. Of course, it gives you a confidence boost if you are ‘the guy’ or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t need that. I just want to play football, be happy on the field, and win. 

After the kind of injury I had, I really realized how much I love football. Being on the field is the best thing. But, the pressure that comes with being ‘the guy’ is huge. Especially in my situation, where it comes not only from football but also from other stuff.