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Edy Rahmayadi Steps Down as PSSI Chairman

Steven Danis

Football Tribe Indonesia


The PSSI Annual Congress was held in Sofitel Hotel in Bali island last Sunday, with the shocking decision of Edy Rahmayadi to stop down as the association’s chairman making headlines across the nation.

“For better of the organization, I declare that from today I am stepping down as the Chairman of PSSI. I declare it in full consciousness, not because I am running away from the responsibilities. I do this because I am responsible,” he claimed, according to the PSSI official website.

Rahmayadi, who was also elected as the governor of North Sumatra from 2018 to 2023, appointed Joko Driyono as the Acting Chairman of PSSI until the Extraordinary Congress will be held later to elect a new chairman. Currently, Joko is one of the Vice Chairmen of the organization, and his appointment is based on the organization’s statute itself.

“We all respect Mr. Edy Rahmayadi’s decision. We must appreciate his role and contribution for Indonesian football over last two years,” said the new acting chairman during the closing speech.

As the new incumbent, Joko will focus on two main agendas. First, PSSI will do conduct the programs that have been accepted by the congress, especially to strengthen the Integrity AdHoc Committee. The committee will respond to and handle the match-fixing issues in Indonesian football that have blown up over the past few weeks. Secondly, they will turn their attention to the performance of the national teams, as there are a number of important events coming up in 2019.


New Week, New (Acting) Chairman, But Same Problems.

During the congress, there was also a supporters’ march, as 100-150 people reportedly gathered outside the Sofitel in Nusa Dua, Bali. After hearing the situation of Edy Rahmayadi’s resignation, fans attempted to force entry into the congress room.

The fans wanted police to arrest two PSSI Executive Committee members who were suspected of involvement in match-fixing issues. One of them was Joko Driyono himself, and the other was Iwan Budianto, a member of the PSSI and CEO of Arema FC.

Joko Driyono has spent many years in the PSSI, become one of the board members in 2003, before becoming the CEO of the domestic league’s operator 10 years later. Recently he became one of the owners of PT. Jakarta Indonesia Hebat, a private company who has a majority share in the 2018 Liga 1 title winners Persija Jakarta.

However, Joko and Iwan aren’t the only club owners vying for power in the PSSI. Edy Rahmayadi himself is the Head of PSMS Medan’s board, the club from the capital city of North Sumatra, blurring the lines between politics and football.

Due to the situation, the start date for the 2019 Liga 1 season will is yet to be announced, but it has been claimed that the tournament will begin in May after the national Presidential Election.

This has left Persija Jakarta and PSM Makassar, who are set to play in AFC competitions, in a tough spot, as the federation is yet to open the international transfer window. Unfortunately, the PSSI annual congress has shown that internal leadership issues continue to distract from the game being played the pitch.