Son Heung-Min Eyes A Special Premier League Season

It always takes a couple of months for the world’s major domestic football leagues to sort themselves out, but, in the English Premier League, a picture is starting to materialize. While there isn’t a significant separation in point totals just yet, the league table shows that there are five quality teams standing out from the rest. Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur appear likely to establish themselves as a sort of ‘top tier,’ even if Bournemouth are currently just a point behind Tottenham. And that means Korean star Son Heung-Min could be set for a special season in London.

Currently in his fourth season with Tottenham, Son Heung-Min has established himself as a reliable offensive contributor. He netted 14 goals in 34 appearances in 2016/17 and another 12 in 37 last season. This year, he’s off to a slower start, failing to score in his first five Premier League competitions (two of which saw him coming off the bench). But he did score recently to break his personal drought, and Tottenham supporters are hoping that this sees him get on track. As any football fan knows, sometimes a single goal in an important situation is all it takes to spark a hot streak. And, if Son were to get hot, he could be the difference between simply staying amongst the best and mounting a genuine challenge for the Premier League title.

If you were to look now at the outlook and [betting] tips for the remainder of the Premier League season, you’d see that Tottenham isn’t perceived to be out of the mix to contend at all. In fact, depending on the sports-book, Spurs may even have better odds than Arsenal, sitting behind only Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. It’s clear then that despite being amongst ‘bigger name’ clubs, at least by a small margin, Tottenham is on their level this season.

The one thing that appears to be holding Tottenham back is in fact goalscoring. As of the first of November, the four teams ahead of Tottenham have scored an average of nearly 24 goals each; by contrast, Spurs have scored just 16. As a result, the North Londoners boast a goal differential of eight, whereas the four teams at the top of the table average 17. Son Heung-Min getting back on track from a scoring perspective would go a long way toward narrowing this gap. And if that is indeed what ends up happening, he’ll have turned in a special Premier League season.